Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tribute to two friends

Jerry and Maggie.
They often stopped here on their evening walks. Some dogs are special, and she was one of those. Now she is gone.
Jerry said:"She was the brightest, most gentle, and loving dog I have had the privilege of being with during my life." From a person who has always had dogs, that's a powerful statement.


Alice said...

Jerry, I,m so sorry you've physically lost your Maggie dog and look at all the wonderful memories she gave you. I'm one who believes that we will be united again one day with our beloved pets when we pass through the veil. I met her several times at Bud's. She was everything you have said and I was always impressed with how much she showed her love for you. Alice

Bugsy said...

Thanks, Bud

Dashmann said...

Our Goldie Susie was probably the sweetest doggie ever. She has been gone 2 years now.
We certainly understand your tremendous loss in Maggie.
These creatures are so pure of heart and ask little in return.
Sorry for your loss----

Emily B. said...

WE lost our dog duke only a cuple months ago I know how you feal veary much.
Things will look up trust me!I know Maggie was the best dog in the world to you as Duke was to me and my family.I loved Maggie veary much and you did to Ill miss her uncle Jerry and I know you will to.
Remember things will look up I promis.
Maggie+you=True doggy love!