Monday, April 20, 2009

Report on 'The Loyal Opposition'

The right wing is busy this morning condemning Obama for his behavior at a international conference in Trinidad. There was a handshake with a wacko, a gift of a book from the same wacko, and a speech by a second gangster --- one that Reagan did not get rid of despite his best efforts 25 years ago.

How is this Conservative outcry different in any way from the approach the right wing has taken to every other thing Obama has said or done? They haven't found anything he does to be acceptable.

The handshake and the book which a tin-hat dictator gave Obama mean nothing important to any American who has confidence in this country or has enough sense of neighborliness to know that good relations with the folks on the other side of the fence are better than pissing contests.

There is a more serious matter, whether the President should have sat quietly and listened to Daniel Ortega lecture the U.S., and make anti-American statements.

I have tried to find the text of Ortega's speech this morning, but so far it hasn't appeared anywhere online that I can find. So, we will just have to listen to the criticisms of people who also haven't read the statement.

As for me and my home, we shall honor the United States and not worry about Nicaragua's mouthpiece or any blather put out by the devils of Caracas, Havana, and Managua.

Meanwhile, here's another American made depiction of the President, offered to you by his thoughtful, intelligent, loyal opponents.


margaret said...

Why do you think Chavez is a wacko? Just curious.

Bud said...

I think it's that parrot on his shoulder.

In the U.SA., we are trying to hold onto our newspapers. In Venezuela, he's been shutting them down.

Now, can you say why he shouldn't be so considered?

Red Irene said...

I don't think he's a wacko.

Of course, I don't think he should be shutting down newspapers. But he has accomplished very good things for the people of Venezuela, the people who were left in poverty under previous governments, while a select few became insanely rich and the country's wealth exported to the US and Europe. I believe a typical poor Venezuelan would trade an education, health care, land rights, and food over a free press. Perhaps people need their basic rights to life looked after before they can enjoy rights like freedom of the press. Given the history exploitation and interference from America (Manifest Destiny is alive and well), I cannot blame a leader for dressing in silly patriotic ways and cheating to remain in control (by censoring the press).

Bud said...

That's a good case. I'll stop calling him a wacko.