Thursday, April 9, 2009

friends update

Spring is carefully entering our state. It comes in two steps and then retreats one step. Sometimes it goes back and starts over. Today, the snow is gone again, and the temp will reach maybe 55. This is spring.

How lucky are we! Someone has rated the worst potholes in the state. The 4th worst in right here in our neighborhood, only 3 blocks away. I know you'll think we live out in the country or maybe in the worst rundown area of town, but not so. It's a comfortable middle class neighborhood. Maybe I'll get down there to take a picture.

some notes about friends

MIKE the ADMINISTRATOR - whose former adventures with the Red Cross have taken him to New Orleans, has spent time this winter at Fargo saving the city.  

MARI - is having a church window tattooed on her side.  It was a really nice side, even without the addition. 

LIZZIE- she's new to our lives 

SCOT - "My god, is my son cute!"
Everyone agrees. (The tyke is now just over 3 months old.)

MARSHA - has invited this blogster and wife to the beach in South Carolina in May! Should we go?  Hmm a tough decision. 

FELIX - His fiance is working on a medical mission to Kenya. There she delivered a baby for a Kenyan family who then asked her to name the child. "So, in Nakuru, Kenya, there is now a young lad named Felix Kibet!"Congratulations!

SPARTY and GIGI - Have spent the last week in  North Carolina  visiting their son. This is a mixed blessing, since they were all great Michigan State fans. 

IRISH MIKE and AMY - are at New Smyrna Beach, FLA. for the week.

REDEYE - all who knew him at the Redeye are saddened by the passing of Bob Maul. 

some snapshots

CREWING in Saginaw, taken from IRISH MIKE'S (he is one of these folks, I guess) 'Facebook' pix:



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