Monday, April 27, 2009

good question

Irish Mike has his suspicions, and so do I.

Can any of you answer this question?
"When GM eliminates Pontiac, are they eliminating mostly North American UAW jobs? Two weeks ago I purchased a Pontiac G6. I noticed on the sticker that 80% of the car's parts were built in USA/Canada including the engine and crank shaft. I also noted that it was assembled in Lake Orion, Michigan. Being somewhat suspicious I wonder if the brand is not successful or is this just a means of cutting a car that is mostly made and assembled by UAW workers?"


Irene said...

Holden (GM) in Australia announced yesterday that they are ceasing production of the Pontiac G8 here in Australia. These cars were exported to the US. They have to pay living wages here too. The official GM line given here for cancelling production was that they didn't have the ability to "market the car" properly anymore.

Bill said...

The decision to cut Pontiac has nothing to do with anything except the continuation of bad decisions that are made by bad management. Look at the product line of Pontiac:

G6-Great economy car
G8- Great performance 4-door car that is reasonably priced.
Soltice-Great sports car that is reasonably priced.

Naturally these are the cars one would cut as they are good examples of good engineering. What you have here is a bunch of pin-striped suit, suspender wearing, business majors running a car company whose passion is golfing instead of automobiles. What would one expect?

Irene said...

I read a commentary that said the Pontiac "brand" has been mismanaged, and people won't buy a Pontiac, no matter how good the car might be. That't would be a shame - a good piece of American engineering stuffed up management and marketing. And people complain Americans can't manufacture quality products anymore....

scot s w said...

Burn the whole damn company down. Start over.

The history of GM in a nutshell:

-Buy unique brands
-Turn them into indistinguishable labels selling the same vehicles made with uniform parts
-Close down the ruined brands
-Buy other brands; repeat.