Sunday, April 26, 2009

a new "f" word

A flu virus. 

I understand that the new "swine flu" threat is brought to us by evolution.  It's apparently an interesting new genetic reconstitution of former flu "strains" that we had all just grown accustomed to. I think I can accept this scientific explanation, since it accords so well with facts. 

Well, it's either that or, perhaps, we have to believe that a mischievous God has decided to wreak a new havoc on the world, for some arcane reason. 

Or, blame it on the queers.  Damn, they have a long list of things -- from hurricanes to AIDS to earthquakes -- to answer for already. 


Sparty said...

"I think I can accept this scientific explanation, since it accords so well with facts."

Ah, but are they true facts?

Bud said...

SPARTY -You're going to have to put this on your worry list. I believe you had Bird Flu on there already.