Friday, April 24, 2009

a musing

It seems to me that Barack Obama is right about the torture question, but not because it's politically expedient. It seems to me that an incoming government should not be casting about in the business of the outgoing government in order to find someone to prosecute. That is a nasty game both sides could, in time, play. Our democracy would be the first casualty.

But, I do think that there should be an investigation with a report. I believe it should be a non-partisan investigation, outside Congress, but under Congress's aegis. If after that, the Justice Department finds it necessary to prosecute someone, then so be it. I suspect the responsibility lies at the door of the Attorney General under Bush.

I welcome your thoughts.


Sparty said...

Did we prosecute German or Japanese military or government officials for torture after WWII? I know Japanese and German officials were prosecuted for their treatment of prisoners and that Albert Speer, for one, was prosecuted, I think, for using slave labor to maintain war production during the war but I'm not familiar with the allied courts' handling of torturers.

Bud said...

I don't know,actually.

Sparty said...

Another thought/question that's been rolling around in my mind: What would/should our reaction be if it had been U.S. prisoners who had been subjected to water boarding, sleep deprivation, etc. and the country responsible had a regime change and the new regime said, "We regret what our former leaders did, but let's not dwell on past behavior but instead look to the future."?