Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jiverly Voong

(He is the guy, the news folks tell us, who shot up the joint in Binghamton.)
Here's some thoughts:

1. The Mayor of Binghamton and the police chief of Binghamton, who were unable to protect the citizens against a madman (or mad man) with guns, have suddenly become practicing psychiatrists who are able to stand in the middle of the street with a microphone and tell the world what mental problems, what stresses, what causes of depression, drove a man barely conversant in English to commit mass murder. I suspect both of these people are as competent at psychiatry as they are at civic government.

2. Everyone is able to talk about this Jiverly, everyone can discuss his unknowable motives, can talk about his wife and child, can discuss his tactical planning, can speculate on his job history.

Why does nobody discuss the guns?
[UPDATE: Talk of a wife and child were even more misguided, since it turns out he has neither.]

3. It seems to me perfectly appropriate that a group of aspiring Americans, like those English students at the immigration center, should have the opportunity to confront a crazy mass murderer armed to the teeth with legal deadly weapons. After all, we Americans live with this reality every day -- as much as we live with football or Hondas or singing birdies in the trees. Welcome to America, dudes!

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