Sunday, April 19, 2009

fast trains

Spanish Fast Train, the Ave:

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about introducing "fast trains" into American transportation systems. People who look at BIRCHES know that this blog favors this idea. At the same time, there have been two crashes in recent days - one in Germany and one in Mexico - although of trains which are not fast trains.

Obama has talked a lot about beginning a program of fast trains, and of course, one of the favored locales is Chicago. There is talk of fast trains from Chicago to Detroit in one direction, to Minneapolis in another and to St. Louis in a third direction. If these routes are instituted, here are some simple rules that have to be observed:

1. Like expressways for cars, trains should run in only one direction on any track (lane).
2. There can be no open crossings where dump trucks, drunks, or suicides can get themselves T-boned. (You know, like expressways).
4. Passenger trains must have right of way. It would be better if freight trains did not operate on the same rails anyway.

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