Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One of the things I've more or less stopped doing in recent months is to identify Wackos, or Wackos-of-the-Week. The reasons for this are not important. Now, two of our friends, MARI and IRISH MIKE, have told me that there is a guy in Florida who ought to be made Wacko-of-the-Week, at least. Maybe Psycho of the week!

This is "Pastor" Terry Jones, a cretin who imagines himself as a religious leader. If you can start a church and collect enough sheep to make money off, you are apparently a religious leader.

Since I happen to agree with my friends that this asshole is a deserving candidate for such a title, I hereby proclaim him Wacko-of-the-Week.

It really makes no difference what anyone says. There is no argument that exists, there is no Bible passage, there is no train of logic that could persuade this man from doing one of the dumbest things he could do. He has managed to snag the international media into a debate over whether he should or should not burn a Koran (or many, for that matter) on Sept. 11 in order to commemorate the mass murder in New York on that date. This is a fool who believes it pays to advertise.

I would also like to say that all persons who agree with him, that a good Christian thing to do would be to inflame relationships violently among the peoples of the world, are hereby designated Assistant Wackos-of-the-Week. Let us hope that such violence as you may stimulate will come to rest against your tote-cards in whatever heaven you eventually find yourselves.

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