Sunday, September 5, 2010

Despite my previous remark about the commercialism of college sports, I watched the Michigan game and part of the Michigan State game.

Is this hypocrisy?


Sparty said...

As my father used to say - there are times when you have to rise above your principles. He meant that in the context of arriving at a collective bargaining agreement, but use it if you need to.

Irene said...

Yes - you should have only watched the Michigan game. Unless you were against the Spartans, in which case, no hypocrisy.

Dashmann said...

Could be interesting to see if all those extra practices will result in victory over Notre Dame.
Being a MAC guy from WMU I wish no ill will on UM, but Brian Kelly, the new Irish coach, cut his teeth at Grand Valley State and CMU before his last stint at Cinci.
Michigan could have had this home-grown coach from the MAC, like Bo from MIami,Ohio, but went after Rich Rod instead. Brian Kelly coaching the Irish seem like a natural, and he is a class guy ----
Lets see what happens ---

Bud said...

@Dash: Yu are one of my two best sports gurus, and I trust you completely. Here are my observations.

1. I'm sure Brian Kelly is a very good coach. With a name like that he certainly fits right in at Notre Dame. And, really, I have no doubt that at some time he will defeat Rich Rod.

2. As for being a class act, Pat stated during the game that she didn't like coaches that were always looking unhappy and screaming at their players. I wouldn't go that far, myself, but I did notice that he was saying the "F" word to the backup quarterback after a mistake or two. But there again, it's my impression that athletics and coaching and swearing go pretty much hand-in-hand.

Dashmann said...

At least he was saying the F word and not calling God by his first and last names.

In much of athletics players and coaches are bilingual, the 2 languages being english and profanity.

Even Pudge Rodriguez, who must have had bruises on his body from crossing himself so much, was seen by yours truly loudly calling God by his full name after striking out one day.