Friday, September 10, 2010

Two notes about shopping on Labor Day

1. My wife took me to a couple of women's departments at the mall on Labor Day. There were a lot of young women/girls fingering the clothes and filing through the racks. I suppose they were school shopping. I did not see one of them I would consider well dressed. Here is how I would categorize the feminine shoppers:
group A. Those who looked like streetwalkers.
group B. Those who looked like football players in their favorite jerseys or sweatshirts and tight pants.
group C. Those who looked like they had been turned out of bed, still in their bedclothes, with not even a chance to comb.

2. In Sears, at the tool department where I went to get a lawn mower on sale, I noticed that the first Christmas merchandise was being put on shelves. Is this a record for premature consumerism?

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