Sunday, September 26, 2010

A hit and a miss

I believe that in my lifetime, the Civil Rights Movement (and other movements for human equality) have been America's greatest achievement. These movements have resulted in greater freedom and acceptance for millions of people, in particular black people and women. In one generation, thousands of barriers have been torn down.

I believe that in my lifetime, the greatest failure in American life has been the liberal effort to move the country toward greater economic fairness and less oligarchy.

These conclusions are subject to debate, and I wouldn't be averse to being corrected. Feel free.

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Sparty said...

Strange, but Gigi and I had this discussion this morning - we were talking about the lack of economic justice in this society and I mentioned that I have always thought that the best, most effective way to promote justice is through the political process but that I didn't think that was a major objective of either party today. Then it occured to me that in my adult lifetime the president who did the most to promote social and economic justice was Lyndon Johnson. With all of his faults and mistakes I think he was committed to domestic justice.