Friday, September 17, 2010


Yesterday, Sept. 16 was the first day that really felt like autumn around here. It was dark, windy, and rainy, perfectly reminiscent of a scene out of "Salem's Lot" or "Nightmare on Elm Street." Speaking of streets, we are sure sick of the disruption of roads around us. That they're being worked on is terrific, but there are many days they just sit there, unworked on and closed.

TRASE: A wonderful mom and expecting again.


IISH MIKE : This is the car Irish Mike was driving, soberly and legally with three friends with him, when it was broadsided by an alleged drunk who blew through a stop sign. Were people hurt? Yes. Several went to the hospital and some stayed a week. No life was in the balance, and all are recovering.
And oh yes, several things of value disappeared from the scene during the rescue, including money and iphones. Bastards!

ALICE: I don't go on Facebook because I will probably say really stupid stuff and the whole world will think I'm an idiot.

GRANDDAUGHTER: Don't worry Grandma, there are already millions of idiots on Facebook.

ALICE: Gee, thanks for the encouragement.

Friend LARRY who took the picture above.

SANDY - has been in California again. Who can blame a Grandmother? Who can blame her, with such a great family there. She reports that it looks like the trip to Spain next year is definitely on and definitely open to more folks. Wanna go?

In this Picture: MARSHA is still thinking of conquering the world:

She and PAT and BUD are planning a trip to the beach in Carolina, and plan to see S. CAROLINA football defeat TENNESSEE. This could be a big year for the Gamecocks.

LIAM- the now and future monarch of our hearts.

This is CLANCY: He is so cute, handsome, and adorable, depending on your point of view.

LINDA - our friend, high on caffeine.


Today is SKUZZA'S Birthday. If you know her, congratulate her.
DASHMANN and SKUZZA and friends recommend "The American" -- a very good film.


FRIENDS on JEFFERSON: Pat, Dawn Gigi, Bob.


SCOT: This is where he loves to be -- hanging out over a cold one. He is now an official soccer ref and as he says, "gets paid for getting exercise!"



One tends to the baby and keeps the house going while one goes fishing. Which is which?


Tdec31 said...

Loved this friends report--- but then again, I like them all :)

Best wishes to Irish Mike and other car passengers- I'm so glad everyone is on the mend.

Happy Birthday to Joann- who will always be my favorite next door teaching partner. :)

Alice said...

Actually I also said I couldn't bear the humiliation when they all "unfriend" me.

Happy birthday Joann!!!!!!!!!

Really glad everyone is recovering.
Where did that accident happen?

Liam and Wyatt get cuter & cuter.

mari said...

are you guys coming in on monday because I will be working =)

Bud said...

I'll organize something. I'm sure Mike will always be willing to show up!

Dashmann said...


You and Scot are one of JoAnn's greatest works of art, and she is so proud of it ---

but I have to confess, if I had been 40 years younger and single, and never had met the love of my life, ( Skuzza/JoAnn )
that little Woodsy guy might have been a Dashmann ----

Scary to think about ,eh ???

THAT is how I feel about you--- my favorite mommy