Monday, September 20, 2010

birth pangs

(SARCASM warning: The following item is wrought with scoffing and scorn.)

I have applied for my very own OFFICIAL Kenyan birth certificate.

I understand that you can purchase the fake ones anywhere. In fact, there's a right-wing underground industry turning them out by the millions.

But, I want mine to look like the real thing, just like Obama's.

(NOTE: If you do not understand the sarcasm, feel free to email me for an explanation.)


Irene said...

I like how the certificate says: Africa Kenya - like all the birth certificates in the US say: North America, United States of America, or in Australia, they say: Australia, Australia. It must be for those people who don't know where Kenya is- it's in Africa and it's bad! The "religious affiliation"- there's a nice touch!

Bud said...

Well, you know Irene, it never hurts to reinforce one's bigotry. If you're gonna go halfway to foolishness, might as well go all the way.

brenda emily said...

No, please help, I don't "get" sarcasm!