Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dashmann sent this letter that was printed in the newspaper. Dashmann says it's a better statement on "right-to-work" laws than any of us could have written.

False promises in right-to-work laws: "This state of ours is on its knees with the national economy and, compounding it, the manufacturing collapse that has devastated the families of Michigan. We have politicians who think this a good time to blindside the workers and the un employed of this great state who might vote for right-to-work laws if the politicians can paint a picture of prosperity for all.

"Don’t believe it. The only ones who benefit from right-to-work laws are corporations and their executives, with huge profit increases for them. You never will hear of the top executives of our state’s companies taking 40% salary cuts, joining with rank-and-file employees for fiscal belt-tightening, sharing the burden equitably as we go forward.

"The real statistics are proof: 21% lack health insurance in right-to-work states, workplace deaths are 51% higher, infant mortality is 16% higher.

"Research the states that now regret voting for this law — it only brought the standards of living down for the majority."

Matt Turner, Birch Run


Irene said...

Scumbag capitalists taking advantage of desperate unemployed people and a faltering economy - time to bust up the unions - we can benefit now, and really cash in when the times get better. I read a good article a while back that discussed how the union movement actually had done too good a job, so now people are lazy and complacent when it comes to protecting their rights at work. I suppose they are spooked by an awful economy and the prospect of unemployment as well. There's a reason why closed shops exist - the statistics listed in the letter are proof. Once upon a time someone worked very hard to make sure workers had rights in the workplace - I hate to see them thrown (taken)away.

Bud said...

I understand your point about unions, perhaps, being too successful. I think it's a good one, although somewhat of a paradox.

Sparty said...

This is the way the question in the poll could have been framed: Do you believe that all workers should contribute to the efforts of the union in negotiating the wages and working conditions that all will benefit from, or do you believe that only workers who want to should contribute and the others should be able to freeload on their efforts?

Irene said...

Maybe only the workers that belong the union should benefit from the contracts they negotiate. The rest can all go into management offices and "negotiate" their own deal ie sign whatever piece of paper management puts in front of them cause it's the best they are gonna get on their own. Here, we don't have a closed shop, and about 75% of the workers are freeloaders, though they are happy to vote to have the union negotiate the deal for them.

Irene said...

Bud - it is a paradox. The unions and government-provided social services are only postponing the revolution! That's not to say I don't approve of them - but it is to the advantage of the ruling class to toss few crumbs out to the masses to keep them happy.