Thursday, January 8, 2009

some things I've noticed

1. George Bush has virtually disappeared. He reappeared briefly to host a meeting of people more important than he is at the White House. Anyway, I noticed he's been missing a lot lately and I want to say "Thanks!" That's step one. A good second step would be seppuku.  

2. I've noticed that every time there's a cold spell, some asshole writes to the local papers and says, "Ha, ha! You see, there's no such thing as global warming."  I guess the same idiot could build a two-week beach vacation around one sunny day. 

3. My friends are very interesting people. Lots of my blog readers are. I've noticed that most other people's friends are less interesting. This means one of two things. Either I have been very clever in choosing my friends or my friends have ben very careless in choosing me. 

4. When I suggest that guillotines be set up on Wall Street and a thousand business hotshots be sidetracked as they leave their posh offices, in order to whack their heads off, I'm serious. Why do so many other people think this is a joke? 


Alice said...

re: 4 That would just be another way of redistributing wealth; albeit it WOULD stay with the wealthy families. How about starting at the other end and anybody who stayed home most of their life raising children and now past 65 & have to subsist on "entitlements"(s.s. & medicare); OR people who aren't smart enough to get paroled to a multimillion dollar pent house; OR in some other way didn't live up to the money expectations...let's see... hum...maybe we could put them out on high rise gurnies like the good old days. OR here's another really great idea. Let's strap them permenently into the driver's seat of a car, feed ocassionally through the window and make them full time taxi drivers.???????

PAM said...

I have loved your last two posts especially

Felix said...

1. And, he didn't even invite them there...Obama did!

2. Don't people realize the notion of (as you liberals say) 'Global Warming' means that temperatures will be radically different in BOTH directions? And, with no Ozone, the Earth's temps will rise and fall higher and lower than e'er before?

3. We like to keep an eye on you. The old "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" theory...

4. The way these guys are dropping these days, there might be a voluntary usage.

Bud said...

Alice: You may be right, but then I wasn't proposing this as a means of redistribution of wealth, but as a system of justice that has the effect of bumping off one bunch of evil doers and setting an example for the next bunch.