Friday, January 23, 2009

I've noticed

1. I've noticed that if you drink a beer or two before you go to see an Academy Award Best-Picture Nominee, you can easily fall asleep. (And, it should be foot-noted that this person thinks it is highly unlikely that The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttoncan win the Oscar, and that Brad Pitt is unlikely to be Best Actor. )

2. I've noticed that since the election of Obama, black people and white people are feeling much more comfortable in company with one another. This alone is a powerful outcome of the election.

3. I've noticed that when people talk about closing Guantanamo they are usually confused about what type of people are being held there. Probably, this is because the government can't decide either and has deliberately clouded the issue. Are they criminals in there? Are they Prisoners of War? Are they stateless persons or nationals of other countries? What we should all agree to is that they are simply people and thus should be treated well, even as captives, and should be able to foresee an end to their imprisonment within a legally reasonable time.

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