Friday, January 16, 2009

Some notes I've recently received:

[Thanks to the folks who sent compliments about the blog. As you can see, I have not quit doing it]

MARSHA- It is not lost on me that you have twisted her [i.e., Dorothy Parker's] words to suit your own ends.

(footnote from Bud: Five dollars to the first person who figures out what she's talking about.)

ALICE - want to know who loves you more, your dog or your spouse? Lock them in your car trunk for a few hours and then see how they react when you open it.

PAM - I fear that Obama is facing what Jennifer Granholm did when she took office, a mess from the previous office holder. I trust that he will make a difference for the country. Closing Gitmo is an enormous change and I am glad he continues to say he will close it. Then there is just the whole attitude of attempting to find common ground among people and I think that is a very big step towards reconcilliation in the whole country instead of the polarization of the right wing which has been in the forefront for so long.

FELIX - We've got about 4 below zero right now. It's beautiful out, though ... Sorry that you've got the winter blues. I've got a bit of something myself. No drive. No motivation. Just want to lie around all the time.

GEORGE W - "Bye."

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Jim Thill said...

Is your poem under you blog title in reference to a specific case? Are you playing second fiddle to some Don Juan?