Monday, January 19, 2009


THIS blogger would like to know what features of the blog you would like to keep, if any. Tell me.

The blog will be shut down for February for a vacation in Florida.

Notes from some friends:

A SPECIAL REQUEST for information - Do you suppose that someone in your group of contacts would have a copy of a book named "HIGH WIRE" by Peter Gossellin that I could borrow long enough to read? (Alice)

IRENE - and her family, we have heard through the grapevine, left Michigan for Australia after the winter vacation, with a stop-over in Costa Rica. There, they were caught at ground zero of the earthquake that struck a week or so ago. Though many people were injured or killed, our friends were helicoptered out safely after the quake, although their rental car was stranded and may not be recovered for months.

More advice needed-
IRISH MIKE - is going to buy a new car. Wants American. Wants a reasonably economical, gasoline efficient model. Is the Pontiac G6 or the Pontiac Vibe a good choice? What do you guys say?

SANDY - has left for North Carolina and Florida for several weeks.

STEVE and BRENDA - are leaving soon their postponed honeymoon to Honduras.

MARSHA - reports there have been very cold days and nights even in Carolina.

TRASE - the new mother and new baby are doing great! 

ALICE's contribution:

GIGI's CONTRIBUTION- a real thought provoker.
A Prayer for a New President and a New America
by Shane Claiborne
from Sojourners Magazine, January 2009

God of love, grace and hope, thank you for creating a perfect world. Forgive us for the mess we have made of it. Forgive us for the groaning of creation, for the millions who die of hunger and curable diseases, for warehousing people in prisons and using them for labor, for the scandal of billions wasted in war, for an economy that mirrors the seven deadly sins, for the violence and greed in our own hearts. Save us from ourselves.

Give us the courage to bless the poor in a world that blesses the middle class, to bless the meek in a world that admires aggression, to bless the hungry in a world that feeds the already fed, to bless the merciful in a world that shows no mercy on evildoers, to bless the pure in heart in a world of clutter and noise, to bless the peacemakers in a world that baptizes bombs.

Give us imagination that we might not conform to the patterns of this world, that we might shatter indifference and interrupt injustice with grace, that we might choose the cross over the sword, that we might be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves, that we might consider the lilies and sparrows as they shame Wall Street's splendor, that we might choose the dream of God over the dreams of nations, that we might cling to the God who so loved the world, not just America, that we might allow our Jesus to change America rather than America to change our Jesus.

(Shane Claiborne is a founding partner of The Simple Way, a radical faith community in Philadelphia.)

CHRIS's contribution:

Scottish bar
stool for
kilt wearers.


JERRY's contribution:
The Best Garage Sale Item:


scot s w said...

Maria Gonzalez loves her Pontiac Vibe! We drove it on one trip, and thought it was a great little vehicle. Stay away from Saturns -- they're superficially nice, but the quality isn't all there.


Your political commentary, Tuesday Quiz, friends' report...

I'm less moved by the Republican Humor (but I understand why you point out their bitterness).

Pam said...

I like the quizes, I especially like the politial commentary, I like the comments from your readers ( and wish I could comment to the blog instead of e-mailing), I like the info about friends/readers, I like finding kindred spirits and just knowing you and they are out there. I hope you keep doing it. Your blog is educational and fun. Have fun in the warmth of Fla. or whereever you two are going.

Bud said...
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IRISH MIKE said...

I enjoy the Monday Friends report.

Bill said...

I personally think that both are very good cars. Dennis ... has a Vibe and he has not uttered one complaint about the car. He mainly lives up North, but commutes to Saginaw often, therfore generating a lot of road miles. He has never complained about the fuel costs.

In addition the G6 has gotten very good reviews and would also be a good choice. I would think you could get either car at a great price currently.

Alice said...

My friend,Nancy, in Alabama, has a Vibe that she bought about 3 years ago and really likes it. 3 of us rode in it from Alabama to Savannah and back. I was still recovering and got the whole back seat. It's a roomy and comfortable ride.