Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Saturday note or two

The Birchies are in a warmer place. Having access to a computer, an update is absolutely necessary.

1. Everyone with a reasonably high level of intelligence should go see THE READER, which is one of the most fascinating and complex stories I've seen on film since A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS. I wish I was at my coffee klatch talking about this with Irish Mike, Gigi, Sparty, and a bunch of other folks. This is a great movie!

2. We drove through Ohio to get here, and that was one day after the ice storm. Ohio is one of those states that has the stones to charge people to use some of its highways. If they're going to do that, they ought to have great service in cleaning away ice and snow. I don't think they do.

Now that we're here in the sunny south, it's great to be able to go out with only shirtsleeves, even with a sweater vest. Next week, we'll be in Florida and may not need the sweaters.

3. The almost 20 billion dollars which Wall Street thieves paid themselves and their fellow con artists in bonuses out of taxpayer dollars is not acceptable. None of us should be willing to stand for this. We should be rioting outside their offices right now, or at least writing wicked entries in our blogs. Everyone who gave anyone else a bonus should be run up the steps of the guillotine and hacked into bloody oblivion. This is why the French did that to their ruling class of greedy bastards, and why we should emulate them.

4. Some politicians are suggesting that the maximum pay for any executive in a company collecting taxpayer funds should not exceed the pay for the President of the United States. I whole-heartedly agree. Write your Senators and Congressperson.


Irene said...

Does anyone still make guillotines? Might be a good investment or business opportunity. Do you think the 2nd amendment covers the right to own a guillotine?

It's quite unfair that the automakers had to be raked over the coals to get their $20 billion or whatever, but the Wall Street crims collect bonuses and get a whole lot more taxpayer bailouts. They all deserve to be whipped and humilated and made to beg.

Irene said...

On another topic, is there any redeeming feature of the state of Ohio? I do like Cedar Point, but I can't think of anything else.

Alice said...

I think the state of Ohio has privatize much of the highway system there and so private corporations are responsible for up keep.
In my estimation these are redeeming features of Ohio. 1. some of my early ancestors settled there on the Ohio River.(Of course, my direct ancestors moved on to Illinois in 1869 'I bet someone can make a joke out of that'" 2. The state has some very good record keeping libraries.