Friday, August 13, 2010

Right Wing insecurity

SPARTY has written to me some ideas about the U.S. budget deficit and the so-called crisis of Social Security. We both agree that these are simply fear factors which the unpatriotic and evil far right uses to terrify middle class voters before the next election.

Everyone would a like balanced budget, but that ship sailed a long time ago when Bush got his tax cuts; and I do not believe that Social Security is going broke or that it will ever go broke.

There is a lot of talk lately about forcing people to work until they're 70 before they can collect Social Security. This seems to be what the Republicans (or some of them) have in mind. However, in our modern society, there is no work for most people to do after about 55 anyway. All this talk has the effect of discouraging workers and voters, making them believe that no matter what they do, they will never be financially secure.

It's demagoguery, it's pernicious and it's anti-American.

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