Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Older and Better

As I get older, naturally, so does the complement of my friends. In fact, I believe most of them are getting older a lot faster than I am.

Something I've noticed, which you probably already noticed long ago -- I tend to be intellectually slow -- is that some of those friends make a genuine effort to live in the world as it changes. They give modern technology a chance, are open to the changes that society manifests, are capable of focusing on new notions of things, and are tolerant of people, especially young people, who appear Bang! into our midst with their strange styles and persuasions.

On the other side, some of those who get older, do not seem to grow at all. They appear to withdraw into their formerly established attitudes, become fearful, intolerant, and introverted. Some of them get to be downright selfish. Please, let me be not be destined to become one of those.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that you are conscious of the different ways people grow old (and are writing about it) suggests to me that you will not become "one of those".