Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Detroit Lions were handily defeated by Pittsburgh in an "exhibition" game, yesterday. What exactly was it they intended to exhibit? Because somehow I missed that part of it. I suppose I'm hoping Dashmann will have an answer for me


Dashmann said...

Exhibition games are meaningless.

The year the Lions won all 4 exhibitons, they failed to win a regular season game.

Bud said...

OK, I'll buy that. So hey were, like, just showing off the uniforms or something, right?

Dashmann said...

Maybe, with the ugly new shaped numbers on them and the recently new washed-out Honolulu blue color.

Actually, the experts, whomever they may be, outside of our area are giving the Lions a real chance at improvement this year.

Of course, former Western Michigan Bronco DB Louis Delmas will be at the forefront of any such success !!!!