Wednesday, August 4, 2010

our next governor

It looks like we're set up for a real left-right contest for governor in our state: Bernero vs. Snyder. I suppose Snyder is infinitely rich with money he made off other people's money, so there should be lots of creative slander.


Irene said...

Yay! A real good vs evil contest. I like it. Better than the boring "ever so slightly right of centre" vs "pretending to be ever so slightly right of centre" contest we have going on now. Puts me either 1) to sleep; or 2) in a state of despair because people are stupid enough to buy the act being put on by the conservative party that they really aren't that conservative. Of course, "slightly right of centre" here would be labelled as "communist-fascist-nazi-antichrists-freedom haters" by certain Americans.

Bud said...

Reminder to other readers: Irene is a resident of Australia.