Thursday, June 3, 2010


The worst person who ever walked the earth and mumbled B.S.


Tdec31 said...

I have to say though--- that Joyce did come out directly after the game to state that he'd made a mistake. Which- in the grand scheme of things, makes the travesty a little less heartbreaking. Many umpires think of themselves as being "above the game." Clearly, he knows he is not. I think he knew it too- even before seeing the replay.

So let's nominate the BEST person to be Galarraga. His calmness, his grace in taking the call, his ability to take the mound again to strike out his 28th straight batter, is sportsmanship personified. Let's celebrate him.

Sparty said...

Well said - hopefully the hysteria will soon die down so that we can appreciate Galarraga's graceful reaction. While he missed the call, Joyce's willingness to end the perfect game with what he thought was a correct call is testimony to his integrity. The easy (and popular) thing to have done was protect the perfect game by calling the runner out on any close play.

Bud said...

Well, here are 2 traditions in baseball: (1) The umpires are always right, and after all, they're only human, and no one's perfect;

(2) Everyone has a right to hate the umpire and to say so openly. Jeering is as much fun as cheering.

And I agree that Galarraga is a person of very much character. I admire him for his aplomb.

Sparty said...

"Hate" and "worst person to ever walk the earth" should be reserved for more deserving people

Bud said...

Hey! Are you accusing me of exaggeration?

Dashmann said...

Jim Joyce has proven himself to be a courageous stand-up guy.
He apologized right away.
He didn't hide.
MLB gave him the choice of not working today's game behind the plate and he said he would work the game and take what was coming to him.
After officiating high school footbal for 30 years, I know how bad I have felt after screwing up.
He must feel 100 times worse, knowing the full impact of his erroneous call.
We should all learn a lot of lessons from the way a class umpire and class ball club dealt with this especially Armando Galaragga.

Anonymous said...

Wait!! I thought this was going to be about the guy on that Monster Garage show that used to be on the Discovery Channel.


Bud said...

Dash: Oh, yeah, all you officials excuse each other. Sort of a professional privilege I guess, like the priests who excuse each other?

Dashmann said...

Yes , you seperate officials the same way as they used to seperate the men from the boys at Michigan !!!!

( Thats your old joke, Budly baby )