Tuesday, June 8, 2010


STEVE's nominee for WACKO OF THE WEEK: The State Trooper who shot this cat belonging to his neighbor, because it climbed on his car. Read the story: CLICK HERE

JIM M's manger scene. The shepherd kept trying to escape, so he was lassoed and properly tied down.

STEVE's garden, one of the best I've seen -- well protected against deer and other varmints.

Sharleen and Liam: Easter egg hunt.

Senor Jose came to call.

Down the back alley, up the dark stairs to a hidden room: The Torch, where we celebrated a 40th wedding anniversary.

Grandpa Herpe:

Brenda and Wyatt.

POWERTEACH sent this: His new cell phone. One that a retiree can easily understand.

SPARTY sent this. This is quandary presented to him by some signs. Maybe he went on the River Walk, maybe he didn't.

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