Tuesday, June 8, 2010

from STEVEN -

From STEVEN: He is a trained "burner" and firefighter for the Nature Conservancy, and he sent this evaluation of his new found skills as a father.

See my fire training can be applied to real life situations

  1. Keep informed on fire weather baby’s conditions and forecasts.
  2. Know what your fire baby is doing at all times.
  3. Base all actions on current and expected behavior of the fire baby.
  4. Identify escape routes and safety zones and make them known.
  5. Post lookouts when there is possible danger.
  6. Be alert. Keep calm. Think clearly. Act decisively.
  7. Maintain prompt communications with your forces wife, your supervisor mother-in-law, and adjoining forces moms.
  8. Give clear instructions and insure they are understood.
  9. Maintain control of your forces yourself at all times.
  10. Fight fire diapers aggressively, having provided for safety first.

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