Monday, June 7, 2010

a few thoughts

Remember, the following items are opinions, not facts. Tell me yours --- either facts or opinions.

1. Helen Thomas, who has been a White House reporter for longer than there has been a printing press, has put both feet into her mouth and tried to swallow them. She's retiring, now. Thanks for the years of good service. It is better to be retired than ridiculous.

2. I am one of those who voted for Obama, but I have never caught Obama-mania. He is not flawless and I often disagree with his positions. In fact, these days, it seems I disagree more and more. But, still, he is a huge improvement over the awe- inducing simian who went before him.

3. I believe that the damage to the economy and to the environment of the United States by the oil geyser will eventually be so huge that it will threaten to pitch this country and the world into a new financial and scientific calamity.


Dashmann said...

Does anyone else wonder about the vulnerability of the other floating oil rigs to a boatload of explosives ??

Wouldn't it be disastrous to have a half dozen of these things spewing oil all at the same time ???

Just wondering-------
and hoping those who would plan such a thing aren't wondering too.

Bud said...

Remember the rubber boat full of explosives that almost sank the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000?