Sunday, June 6, 2010

getting "Joyced"

Now if you really want to read a mealy-mouthed, mamby-pamby essay on that terrible call by the umpire, go read this example in the Detroit Free Press. CLICK

If this keeps up, we won't need to play games at all, just let the umpires make the decisions. Or, would that be "rotisserie" baseball?


DASHMANN said...

I officiated high school football for 30 years and I don't know if anyone but another official can appreciate how much courage it took Jim Joyce to make that admittedly screwed - up call in front of a home crowd with a perfect game on the line !!!

And then how much courage Joyce showed in admitting he blew the call, and how much class and grace the victim Galarraga displayed in dealing with the disappointment.

We can learn a lot of life lessons from Joyce, Galarraga, and the Detroit Tigers fans about misdeeds, confronting them head-on, penitence, and forgiveness.

( are you listening Catholic Church regarding your youth scandal ??? )

Bud said...

Hm-m. Are you saying, Dashmann, that the Catholic Church did the right thing in forgiving the priests for abusing kids? To me, it seems, you're saying that.

Dashmann said...

NO, you mealy mouthed umpire baiting sack of cow dung !!!
( couldn't resist a retort worthy of the old Saturday Night Live point-counterpoint segment )

The church still needs to admit the extent of abuse, take full responsibility for it, demonstrate sincere contrition and assurance that it will never happen again.

Until those things take place, the Catholic church will continue to lose member$$$$$$hip !!