Friday, April 1, 2011

Update on Libya Opinions

Just a reminder. This is an illegal attack on Libya. No matter how much they deserved it. A lot of people deserve to be "reprimanded" I don't doubt. But THIS is not our job, it's not our business, it's not our fight.

I never wish ill for our troops and armed forces, and I never hope they fail in their missions. It's the government I criticize, and especially Obama.


Irene said...

I didn't want to see civilians slaughtered while the rest of the world just watched. But I agree with you that this wasn't our fight. What is the plan? What exactly is the role? Where does it end? Maybe blowing up stuff is the only thing America is good at these days.

WNNCO said...

The real question is "What are we doing in ANY of these countries?". The usual reply for the Middle East is oil. However does that justify our existance in Japan, Germany, South Korea,or elsewhere? Japan, Germany, and South Korea have strong economies and can afford their own defenses. And, if I may ask, defenses from what? If they want us to defend their borders, then it is time to pay for the service; if not, then let's get out.

The United States should be supplying medical, educational, and food aid to countries. That is all!

Bud said...

It seems to me possible that European countries may want to get rid of Kaddafi. He is, after all, a chief irritant to the whole chafing area. And we could cheer them on. But why this is any of our concern, I do not know.

As Bill says, there's not even an oil need there. They send most of their oil to Asia.

In this regard, Obama is a great disappointment.

Sparty said...

And here's an opinion from one of them weak, lilly-livered humanitarians: