Friday, April 1, 2011

home and spring

We have made it safely home from Florida. The biggest reason to be here is because we needed to see and touch our family and catch up on goings on with all of them.

Another reason is that friends matter, so we need to reestablish ourselves with so many of them. We have discussions and debate to conduct and coffee or beer to drink. These things are important in the existential fulness of our lives.

Another reason is that spring will be here within the next 6 weeks or so. By spring I mean, warmth and birdies tweeting and no snow and some bright days. This should reward us with a show of spring flowers. We had planted so many bulbs and want to see the result.

Many people say they like spring, but they don't mean all of spring. They mean the alive and, bursting-with-new-growth spring. This, we hope, is going to be soon and fulsome! I may not survive to see another, after all.

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