Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inside Job

At the behest of my good friend, Sparty, I paid $4.99 to "On Demand" to watch a documentary film called "Inside Job" which was narrated by Matt Damon. It made me angry all over again.

"Inside Job" is a history of the economic crisis which befell the United States in the Bush years, and the roots of that crisis before the Bush years. It also depicts the corruption of much of the Congress and the Obama administration through their complicity in the crisis - and in the aftermath of the crisis - when they made themselves a part of the conspiracy to defraud the people of the world. There is a cast of characters, all of them thieves, who systematically pulled down the economic system and then used the money of the middle class to patch it back up. The people in the government who have been appointed to steal the people's money out of the treasury are the same people who destroyed hundreds of millions of peoples' livelihoods around the world by stealing their money, too.

Most of this story is composed of people and events which people reading the daily news over the past ten years, would have been well aware of.

When this crisis hit in 2008, I predicted that it would be the end of capitalism. What I didn't know then is that our government, rather than reforming the financial rules by which our professional thieves work, would instead mock those ameliorative steps. Barack Obama, preaching acts of reform, did nothing of the sort. The capitalist system was not allowed by our government to collapse despite the criminal activities which it has practiced against our people.

I once asked Sparty if he saw similarities between the pre-French Revolutionary society and our increasingly unfair society and he scoffed at me. I haven't changed my mind.

According to the documentary, the United States is now the most classed advanced society on earth, with the breach between those 1% or so who have almost everything and those 90% who don't have even a sense of security. This situation will not be getting better, only worse.


Sparty said...

I remember a course titled "Isms" - my memory isn't so hot anymore so I can't remember if it was a course taught at Michigan State or one I taught at Bridgeport High School back in the 60s!! - It surveyed the beliefs of communism, socialism, and fascism and when I watched "Inside Job" I was reminded of the relationship between big capital and the ruling party in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. We aren't there yet but we're getting closer.

Irene said...

I could use a photo of a fluffy kitten or cute little puppy right now. This is depressing.

Bud said...

There was an "isms" course at Michigan State.

One of the tasks of Americans ought to be making a strong effort to see beyond the TVs and the IPads and the other gadgets, and realize how we have all been subdued by "bread and circuses" -- a phrase I have heard Sparty use. The lives of the celebrities is what we crave, not the Lives of the Saints. We seem unable to focus on what's happening to us.