Saturday, April 30, 2011

friends write

1. Amy says that when she hears someone say the schools should be operated like businesses, she wants to ask if they would fire the bad students just as they fire bad workers.

2. Dashmann says:
I just watched the wonderful movie " The Pianist" In it, some Jews in Warsaw , Poland ,volunteered to help the occupying Nazis in WW2 control the other Jews in the ghetto, thus gaining preferential treatment by the Nazis over their fellow middle and lower class Jews.
I find many similarities between those volunteers and todays middle class Republicans who blindly support the new Republican governors and Republican US House of Reps in their attempts to denigrate the lower classes.
But I wonder where their preferential treatment will come from ?? Why in a nation of plenty do we do these things to ourselves???

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WNNCO said...

I once used to remark that the educational system should be run as a business. When I finally went into the business community and began dealing the business people, I realized that that was a completely flawed idea. I have found that the biggest problem with American business, and I would assume world business, is incompetent and selfserving senior management. It is almost like a pandemic, it so widespread.