Monday, December 27, 2010


While this sounds just like the gun nuts want life to be, it turns out to be wrong on many levels. In the first place, running after the guy and shooting uselessly into society is dangerous to everyone but the criminal. In the second place, if the armed citizen had actually shot the fleeing felon, he would himself have committed a crime. In the third place, this is a perfect example of the uselessness of armed citizens trying to stop crime. This is something that ought to be left to the pros.

Armed customer tries to stop bank robber

Turns out the customer with the gun waited for the crook to leave the bank before trying to shoot him in the back as he fled. Not a good choice. CLICK

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Irene said...

Scary. Most of the comments attached to the article are in support of the customer with the gun. Wild west mentality, I suppose. Anyone with a gun can play the role of the police.