Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama's "deal"

The so-called compromise which Obama has made concerning tax cuts and extension of unemployment benefits seems to me to be nothing other than a surrender. A surrender is not a compromise.

What did Congressional Progressives get for their gift to rich people? Nothing. Is there any promise that Republicans will cooperate in any other area the Democrats want to work on? Not that I've heard of. Who can doubt that the poor and middle class are now at the mercy of the "malefactors of great wealth" as President Roosevelt said 70 years ago? Not I.


Dashmann said...

I have a little different view.

Obama may have thrown his second term under the bus so the unemployed would be taken care of –

The deal ensures the deficit will not be reduced the next 2 years thus killing him at the polls.

Talk about political courage !!

IRISH MIKE said...

I was reading an editorial in Newsweek by Evan Thomas, in which he made what I feel, is an all too true a statement. “These days, a wild rumor in an e-mail from your distant cousin can trump The New York Times.” Monday Bob or Bud I can’t remember who quoted Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts". That same quote was used to end the editorial by Thomas.

Dashmann said...

With a couple days to think, my spin is idiotic. How a whip-ass President could evolve into aa wimpy-ass Prsident in 2 years is beyond me, especially when he had majorities in both houses to help him.
Is Hillary the right choice in 2012 ???

Sparty said...

The more I think about it the more convinced I am that the worst thing about this "compromise" is the "temporary" reduction in the Social Security payroll tax. When this tax reduction expires, can you imagine the Dems having the courage to return it to current rates? The result will be Chicken Little cries about the insolvency of the Social Security program which will lead to the GOP goal of privatizing the program.

Alice said...

Do you think it at all posible that at the end of 13 months the middle class cuts will expire and only the super rich will be renewed by the congress? And why are SS payroll taxes being reduxced instead of up the deduction limit to $5,000,000 or so. Today Friday the 10th you can watch Bernie Sanders live as he filibusters the tax proposal at www.bernie.org. There is also a petition there against the NBC/comcast merger.

Dashmann said...

And what about the 99ERs ???

Is that all there is ---the lazy bastards ????????

Well at least we had a Democratic President for about 20 months.

With the redistricting it will be 10 more years of Republicans in power --

Alice said...

I agree with Sparty. The biggest devil in this whole plan is the "payday tax" reduction. Notice they call it a pay day tax holiday NOT as it should be called a SOCIAL SECUITY payday holiday. Then after a year the GOP will extend and extend it until there really is no money in the SS fund any more because the deuction was suspended; ripening the SS fund for privatization. Unfortunately, the young people who will be most effected by this don't listen to the news let alone think about it. Did you notice that NONE of the 30 hour filibuster was covered on any of the corporate TV stations ---cable or local.

Irene said...

Very very disappointing.