Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Salvation in a Happy Meal.

For sensitive people, this is A SARCASM ALERT !!!!!
McDonald's is a Christian Junk Food store. As I was sitting there chewing on my Big Mac and listening to the the Hallelujah Chorus, followed by the First Noel and then by Away in the Manger, I heard someone dare to complain that this was Christian music blasting away among the gnawing sounds of the fries eaters and the screaming children in the play area. I told him this was a Christian eatery and that if he didn't like it, he could move back to Athea with all the other atheists. Then he told me he was a Shinto. Where the hell do they get their nerve coming to our country and trying to mess stuff up?


Dashmann said...

When I was first starting my career at GM an older, wise ass colleague used to like to come up from behind me and pinch HARD that cord that runs from your neck to the top of the shoulder.
I am not a violent person, but after about the 6th time he did it, I whirled my stool around and administered a swift SHIN TOE !!!
For some reason, he never did it again!!!!!!!

So don't say anything bad about Shintoe.

Alice said...

MacDonalds is one of the "small businesses" to get multi-billions of subsidies from the Fed as an "endangeered" business. It was on the list released yesterday. So why would they care who they offend when we'll just dish over whatever financial help they need. (Probably needed to shore up their Chinese enterprises).

Bud said...

Well, I didn't especially like that angus burger, so I'll probably go back to Big Macs next time I go, or else the fish-o-matic sandwich. I know Dashmann prefers toejam and sausages.