Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Theft in Process

Add me to the list of people who oppose the Social Security payroll reduction. I see it as a fraud, an attempt to begin the process of dismantling the entire program. It's what the conservatives have been wanting and it's the foot-in-the-door towards converting the program into a travesty. Then they will kill it altogether.

Leave it alone! To think that Obama would support this scheme is horrifying.

I've made a discovery. Obama is a Republican. He's like those other Republicans who have run and won as Democrats. They're the "Blue Dogs" and they exist right here in my own community.

Start filling your Social Security card with zeros, if this passes, because that's what the program will be worth.


Brucie Cooke said...

Yes, I agree, the President ran and won as a Democrat, although he resembles many Republicans. A democracy with only two political parties does not offer many choices. Compromise and crossing over does not always have the best results.

And I also agree that Social Security should not be dismantled or turned into a fraud or travesty.

Isn't it great when grandparents agree?

Dashmann said...


You , Bud and I remember a time when some old people lived in minimally heated tar-paper shacks out behind someones garage or house because that is all they had. Social Security changed a lot of that for the better.
The right doesn't seem to place a value on human dignity, for the least in our society.

Bud said...

People often forget that during the Great Depression, so many families were in very serious need, and among those were families who had the additional difficulties of caring for elderly parents who had no source of income.

Social Security helps not only the recipients, but also the families of recipients who are freed from that additional responsibility. It serves not only the elderly but also the young. How many young families are relieved of that additional difficulty? Millions.

scot s w said...

All that's true. On the other hand, I do not mind getting 2% of my pay back. One columnist thinks Obama is crazy like a fox -- he just got the Republicans to plump for a massive stimulus program which will get him re-elected. Maybe.

Irene said...

I hope you are right Scot - that's the most positive thing I have read for ages.