Friday, July 9, 2010

why should we?

As I channel hop through the talk shows this morning, all of which are on one form of "news" channel or another, I note a general agreement that the Democrats are going to lose the November election and may even lose control of the House of Representatives.

Historically, it's common for the party in control to lose congressional seats in non-Presidential election years. But that is not the whole story, I think.

Why should they be re-elected? What have the accomplished? It's not hard to see whose interests they have been serving in the past two years, and for average voters, it isn't them. I remember well that after George Bush's people stole the election in 2000, Democrats fell all over themselves trying to help that man with his outrageous plans --- rewarding the wealthy with huge tax cuts, invading Iraq, knocking down governmental regulation of the banking and finance industries, borrowing billions from foreign countries. Now that they are in power, what have the accomplished? Whose interests have they served?

So, let me ask: Why should we bother to vote Democratic?


Irish Mike said...

One reason, and it is not a good reason. Look at the alternative. As little as the Dems have or have not done, the GOP, tea party, Rush, Glen, and Sarah crowd is just too off the chart scary.

Bud said...

Yeah, I know. In our two-party system, what's the choice? And there aren't enough independents running.