Monday, July 19, 2010

a friends update

After an adventurous trip across country, TRASE, SCOT and LIAM, and friends, have reached the coast of California where they're spending a week in a rented house. "Beautiful" they say, and the rest of us are trying hard not to be jealous.


Irene said...

Hooray! I hope they have a fabulous time. I'm trying to work out how to stay on permanent holidays. This business of sitting at my desk trolling through spreadsheets isn't working for me.

Bud said...

:-) You have made me smile. One of my favorite responses to the question of retirement: "If I had known had great retirement was, I would never have worked in the first place."

Irene said...

I could go on and on about the soul-destroying nature of the modern workplace, and the sorry plight of cubicle dwellers. But you only need to read the Dilbert comic strip. That is my working life.