Friday, July 2, 2010

Some things friends are paying attention to

1. MARGARET sent this very funny assessment of Libertarianism. I would print it, but you need to see it full size to be able to easily appreciate it. CLICK

2. MARSHA is frolicking in the huge success of her favorite team, the South Carolina Men's Baseball Team which won the College World Series in Omaha this week.

3. SPARTY sent commentary about the shallowness of the national media, especially those in the White House, who care nothing about the issue, they care about the newsworthiness of the emotional reaction to the issue. It's not the oil in the Gulf that matters to them, it's the President's level of anger they want to report on. CLICK


Sparty said...

Congratulations to Marsha's team. UCLA is used to losing to USC.

Dashmann said...

Very clever, Mr. Sparty !!!!

( please tell me Birches fans that I am not the only one who got this---)