Friday, July 30, 2010

Friends Report - July 30

ALICE = is out campaigning for Jerry Campbell for U.S. Congress, a guy she found she agreed with so much, she became an ardent supporter. She's having a busy summer, including tending a new garden this year, which is, BTW, a success.

FELIX - has been hiking in New England where he and his crew including PILOT have hiked up and down Mt. Washington, among other challenges.

SPARTY - the word is that he entered his famous guacamole into a contest and didn't get a singe vote. Even he didn't vote for it, they say.

SANDY - Many of the people who are our friends are strong family people, and none more so than SANDY, who is off to distant places often with her wonderful family. Lately, it's been North Carolina, but we hear she's home and will be at coffee next next. Good. We all miss her.

MARI - where?

Pic: WYATT grows. He has passed 13 pounds after just 2 months of life. Could it be mother's cooking?


IRISH MIKE - for a rower, he seems to spend a lot of time swimming, if you catch our drift, most recently in Ann Arbor, where an up-sided boat led to his saving someone else's life. This is a cool-headed guy and a good friend to have.

MARSHA - has recently cleared a background check and was allowed into a speech/meeting with Joe Biden. Here's her report:
It wasn't actually a meeting. I was one of about a thousand in the
audience. I did have VIP seating however. Biden claimed to be quoting
Fritz Hollings when he referred to "a blinking mess." Making a joke
over NOT swearing. He really did a wonderful job. He praised Graham
and Hollings and the state of SC and the University. He spoke casually
but was clearly very prepared. Quotes from Irish poets. Anyway it was
pretty neat.


pic: MANGUTZ CREW -- caught mid-stop at the Saginaw County Fair.


pic: BRENDA - in one of the many places she does magic. Thanks for the venison and pasta, a great recipe. She is starting a new job soon. Good luck in this endeavor.

TRASE and SCOT and LIAM and MARIA - are homeward bound from a trip to the West. They must be in the mountains, because their cell phones are out of touch.

DOUG and KAYE - are home from an annual vacation in Maine.

BILL FROM WNNCO - has been racing, with some victories this summer. What he should do more of instead of working, methinks.

pic: PAT - loves to play with her kids. (at the fair, 2010)

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Sparty said...

I'd be interested in knowing what good things Biden had to say about the state of South Carolina.