Sunday, July 18, 2010

belly-button contemplation July 18

1. Many roads are under repair around here these days. A lot of this work is a result of the stimulus money out of Washington. While it's often inconvenient (for example both ends of our street have been effectively shut off for the time being) it is great to have the repairs finally happening, although this is a drop in the bucket for a community where virtually ever street and road is in bad condition.

2. Good things are happening in the Michigan economy. We have so far to go, but I really think the politicians are right who are pushing for new "green" energy industries in this state.

3. I confess that when, the other night, I was coming home at 1 a.m. and got stopped at a light where there was not another car in sight, I simply started up and ran the red light. Well, I was really tired and feeling rebellious. I know this probably contributes to the decline and collapse of civilization.

4. For me, this has been a good summer, weatherwise. I like the warm temperatures, shorts and T-shirts, people on the streets and sidewalks, kids out playing, the outdoor events around town. All so much better than winter. Oh, yeah, and I really enjoy watching thunderstorms.

5. Our good friends, Herpe and Skuzza took us to a bluegrass concert featuring the Cheryholmes Family. It was an extremely talented group, and we all enjoyed their music, their humor, and their versatility. .

6. This is what my cat typed while carefully crossing my keyboard. y777777777777777777777777777888 - -------


Sparty said...

Several years ago when we witnessed a driver deliberately driving through a red light, Gigi told me "That's a sign that civilization is collapsing."

Irene said...

Here's another sign: the government called an election here yesterday for August 21st. There is meant to be a televised debate on Sunday night, but it may be moved to another date or timeslot because it will clash with the "Masterchef Grand Final" episode.