Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is a no-profiling quiz.
You are to ascertain the answers to the questions without indulging in profiling.
1. Which of these people is a wealthy New York banker suspected of engineering the bilking of clients?

2. Which is a college LaCrosse player accused of killing his lovely co-ed girlfriend in the most recent, Lovely Co-ed Murder "cause celebre"?

3. Which is suspected of being an illegal Mexican immigrant?

4. Which is a Lovely Co-ed Murder victim in the latest Co-Ed Murder "cause celebre"?

5. Which is a suspected of being a failed terrorist who tried to blow up New York City?


Sparty said...

I can figure out who the co-ed murder victim is and #3 looks like he could be Mexican but I'm confused about the rest. Is #4 a banker?

Bud said...

See the problem when you try to profile??

Irene said...

They all look like trouble to me.