Thursday, May 27, 2010

SCOT: Letter to the Saginaw News

Printed on May 27.

As a Saginaw native and Heritage High School graduate, I do check in on my hometown paper from time to time. It’s a rewarding experience.

A hearty congratulations to your editorial staff for their earnest soldiering in pursuit of a well-mannered and unobtrusive editorial page. While crime and unemployment rage on unpleasantly in the ’hood, your eyes remain fixed on the prize of such trenchant suburban issues as the Chesaning Library, garage sales in Saginaw Township and nettlesome traffic circles (and what a bother they are!).

Not ones to be distracted by graft and corruption, tragedy or injustice, your sharp-eyed editorial writers seize on the transcendent topics of our day: micro-pigs, school budgets and the tuition rates at SVSU. And with such gusto! And yet your staid, reasonable style admirably refrains from employing such gaudy adornments as humor or wit.

I’m glad to see that The Saginaw News refuses to use its editorial pages for offensive material such as strong opinions, sharply-worded critiques or advocacy for the downtrodden. If only your staff could impose similar restraint on the news pages, we could have all of Saginaw County looking like Mayberry again in no time. Bravo!

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Felix J said...

If I didn't know Scot so well, I'd say this has a feel of sarcasm to it. (who is Scot again?)