Friday, May 7, 2010

That Profiling Quiz

I have to admit that I thought the few readers I have would have much more fun with that quiz while I was gone, but that's just one more of my life's misses.

From my perspective, the profiling problem is this: The quiz could not be taken, and no person should have been able to answer it at all, without running a profiling exercise through their heads. In fact, people do "profile" so that it is assumed by everyone, that a terrorist, for example, or a murderer, for example, would not be one of those little girls on the trip to New York with a Girl Scout trip. But, when you do engage in profiling, you end up harassing needlessly, any number --- millions? --- of people whom the government should leave alone, just because they match your parameters. On the other hand, if you suspect no one or everyone, you end up harassing everyone, everyone who wants to board a plane, everyone who wants to walk through Phoenix, everyone who enters the court house, etc., etc. etc.

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Dashmann said...

We all know some of these people coming from Mexico are treated like garbage in their own country and would genuinely like to go thru the proper channels and migrate to the US.

I’m asking a serious question, because I really don’t know the answer --- how difficult is it these days to follow the proper procedure and be naturalized ?

Does the process need some work so that those who would make a sincere effort have some real hope of doing so ??

They can’t all be criminals and drug runners.

There have to be lots of them that are just trying to make a better living for their families.

Wish I knew the answer amidst all the confusion and emotion on this issue.

Your thoughts ??