Monday, March 21, 2011

Who participated?

I have never been an Obamaniac, as those people were called who seemed to swoon over Obama and regard him as the great genius and savior and change agent.

I was pulling for Hillary Clinton, there not seeming to be a Roosevelt or Kennedy available. Yes, I voted for Barack, but that didn't mean I wanted him to go around the world bombing people. I do absolutely disagree with what he's doing, but then, he never asked anyone -- so far as I know -- what we should do. Certainly not the American people.

We have a right to discuss and debate things like whether or not we ought to hit with 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles a country we're not at war with. Who got to participate in this decision? Some military people who have to do whatever this tin-pot King Obama says?

It's enough that the Republicans want to strip away little by little, the perquisites of democracy which ought to belong to their political opponents. Now, are we to accept that the Democrats also want democracy scrapped? I think that's what it means.


Sparty said...

Amen, brother. Well stated.

However, while you may not have been an Obamamaniac, I first began paying attention to him when you recommended him after a speech he gave to a national convention - so I'm blaming you for my poor judgment!

Bud said...

@Sparty: Then I accept the blame. You are right, I was really impressed by the guy. I still am in many ways. Bu I see a man who has lost his way in the Presidency, and who is resorting to
I see this morning there is a rising outcry against what he has done. This we still have: free speech. Exercise it!

Alice said...

Dennis Kuchinich has suggested that what he has done is an impeachable offense. I don't like it but unless some one opposes him I'll still vote for him 'cause I sure don't want the GOP to name more Supreme court justices.