Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Leprechauns everywhere

Being, myself, of extensive Irish background, and the name being common in county Tyrone, I feel highly qualified to wish all you with any drops of Irish blood in your gene pool, a very happy St. Patrick's Day.

County Tyrone is actually in Northern Ireland, and the family religious background is Protestant, but nevertheless, we often go bra.

Special happy wishes to those whose names speak for themselves like:

Hanley: Sean and Gigi, and Bob and Michael, and Bridget, and Laura, et. al.

Lafferty: Michael and Amy, and Danny and Matthew, et. al.

The Fitzgibbonses

Felix McGillicuddy

There are many other friends whose names do not speak for themselves, but they are included in my sweep because (a) They have the gift of the blarney, or (b) They drink Guinness, or (c) They have bad tempers, or (d) they live in shanties.

Not that I would ever stereotype.


Irene said...

St Patrick's Day is almost a non-event here, which I don't understand, because every other person seems to be of Irish descent. Tony is 15/16ths Irish (one of his great great grandparents was English - oh horror!). He didn't even wear green....

Bud said...

I think Americans crave any occasion to celebrate. I hear there are even people who get drunk on New Years Eve.

Sparty said...

Until fairly recent times St. Patrick's feast day was a dry day in Ireland. The only exception was the Dublin dog show - normally attended by a few hundred people. On St. Patrick's day tens of thousands would go to the dog show.

Bud said...

What a coincidence, Sparty. The Irish are known for making the best of adverse circumstances.