Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Not being in a very creative or cheerful mood this day, I will confine myself to this remark:

The Detroit Tigers may not bring ANDY DIRKS to Detroit with them this spring, but I am very very confident that he will appear on your television screens sometime this summer wearing the old English "D". He is a wonder at spring training.

Also you will see AUDY CIRIACO who has played some terrific third base! Besides, we need someone named Audy on our team.


Sparty said...

What's great about Spring-training and "phenoms" is they offer hope of a better future.

Irene said...

Yay- I love spring training. I love opening day. Anything is possible!

Bud said...

It was good to see Yankees bring in their hot players, Cano, A-Rod, etc. and go home losers, beaten by our younger roster guys. None of our stars (cabrera, maglio, etc.) accomplished anything.

Dashmann said...

Andy could be God's first name !!
Remember the old song, " Andy walks with me --Andy talks to me -" ??