Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama and his Privy Council.

How like a Monarchy's is the decision of Barack Obama who from thousands of miles away is able to launch a war against a victim population without even consulting his people. He and his "Privy Council" or "War Council" or whatever, make their little secret plans and then simply announce them. Who is he? Queen Victoria?

Now is the time to make a wave -- to speak up. This is not denied you so far.


Alice said...

Was the "Queen Victoria" from the a tip in the above cartoon? Why not King Barack?

Dashmann said...

I think we did the right thing about Libya, but President Obama should have gone through the proper channels which would have meant getting Congress’ approval.

This is a disturbing trend of the last 5 Presidents, to ignore, whether purposely or not, the chain of command along with the accompanying checks and balances built into the
Constitution for the 3 branches of government.

Dashmann said...

By the same token, as it turns out, Senate resolution # 85 , passed March 1st by little more than a voice vote, gives President Obama express powers to take the actions he has in Libya.

scot s w said...

Dashmann, a Senate resolution doesn't speak for the House.

scot s w said...

Here's an interesting story on that resolution #85:


No way to run a Democracy.

Dashmann said...

Any Senator could have forced a debate merely by voting "NO" on the resolution. We have incompetents in the Senate now who
do not realize the consequences of their actions.
The Senate is supposed to be comprised of the 100 most intellegent legislators in the country, just as Caesers Rome Senate was over 2000 years ago.
So Scot, spell out your protocol and how it would prevented massacre of the Libyan rebels.