Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Bye Polly

We note the passing of Polly, the cat that ruled the home of the Dashmanns. She died yesterday, still a sweet and lovely young lady who managed to survive 17 years on only one kidney.

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Dashmann said...

Skuzza and I imagine we see her all the time now.
Many times she would wait in my computer chair in the morning for me to get up.
I would sit in the chair and scruff her as she lay behind me
until she would get tired and leave, sometimes 15 - 20 minutes.
She was still jumping at 17 and we think this is what led to her demise, as we heard her have a massive fall , as if she were attempting her usual 4 foot leap from our bed to the high boy dresser upstairs 2 weeks ago.
But it was all downhill from there
as she must have cracked a rib or hit her head.
Pets go so peacefully in the vets office --makes you wonder why we can't do the same for humans without all the legal issues creeping in.
We sure did love her------